5 Key Benefits to Outsourcing Your Telemarketing

When I visit prospects they are often deliberating whether to carry out telemarketing in house or outsource to a professional telemarketing company. In other cases, prospects have struggled to deliver consistent telemarketing activity in house, facing problems such as staff motivation issues, distractions from other office duties and high labour turnover to name but a few. Outsourcing your telemarketing has many benefits – here are 5 of the main ones:

Lower Staffing Costs – By outsourcing your telemarketing you do not have the commitment of employing extra staff in house to deliver your campaigns. You are thus relieved of salary and bonus expenditure, recruitment, training and national insurance costs

Flexibility – The level of telemarketing activity can be adjusted quickly to suit your needs or help you manage cyclical changes in demand. If you need more appointments for your sales team, a specialist telemarketing company should be able to quickly increase the amount of delivery for you. Likewise, if you are all hands on deck, coping with your busiest time of year, telemarketing activity can be decreased until you feel able to service more new customers

Motivated, Expert Staff – A good telemarketing business employs staff who love being on the telephone talking to prospects, whilst pursuing a long term career in marketing. Following extensive training and experience, expert telemarketers know how to build rapport with prospects and spot opportunities instinctively. Using various questioning techniques, they gather information and handle objections with care and sensitivity, whilst caring for your brand and promoting your company to its full potential

Keeping Your Sales Team on the Road – Using an agency to generate well qualified sales appointments can free up time for your best salespeople to spend out on the road closing business, rather than spending hours in the office on the phone. Maximising the time your salespeople spend in front of prospects is likely to give you a greater return on investment from your sales and marketing activity

Independent Feedback – All too often we get tied up in the day to day running of our businesses and don’t always see the bigger picture. Telemarketers will spend hours talking to prospects in your target market and a good telemarketing company should provide thorough reporting with independent market feedback from the frontline. This information is key to spotting new marketing opportunities and enhancing your offering.

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