Are you a B2B Company with an Innovative Product or Service? Here’s Why Telemarketing Could be the Perfect Promotional Tool for you!

Telemarketing is often perceived as a method to reach decision makers in mass markets, promoting simple generic products and services. Frequently described as a numbers game, many mistakenly believe that making high volumes of calls alone must somehow yield results! Although telemarketing can work well in competitive market sectors, it’s vital to use an intelligent, targeted approach focusing on high quality calls that differentiate your business from the competition. Targeting vertical markets where your business has strong case study experience and testimonials, and developing a telemarketing strategy that integrates with your other marketing activity, will help you to reap greater rewards. Before and during your campaign, it’s important to continually ask yourself what unique selling points you can offer your prospects, to provide a compelling reason for them to do business with you, rather than someone else.

If you have an innovative product or service which is new to the market place, you may already be one step ahead of the game! Rather than receiving calls from similar companies, decision makers in your target markets may never have been approached on the same subject before. Needless to say they are likely to be curious and more willing to give up their time, providing your telephone call offers them some compelling benefits. Telemarketing provides a means to educate your target market about the features and benefits of your new, innovative product or service via two-way interaction, that no other marketing method can match. Furthermore, feedback from prospects can be obtained that allows you to tweak your new offering early on, making it even more attractive to potential buyers.

Despite a high number of high profile engineering firms based in Cambridge, until 1960 the city was seen very much as a small rural location. Since then, powered by the expansion of Cambridge Science Park, Cambridge has become ‘Europe’s largest technology cluster. Around 57,000 people are employed by the more than 1,500 technology-based firms in the area, which have combined annual revenue of over £13 billion,’ according to the University of Cambridge. Based on the edge of Cambridge and immersed in the city’s innovative, forward thinking culture, the team at Lightning Transformations is highly experienced and well placed to assist companies with innovative products and services. From market research, developing marketing strategies, arranging sales appointments and product demonstrations to digital marketing, we can help you to get your latest innovations into your target markets. For more information about our intelligent, bespoke campaigns call us today on 01284 332 738 or visit our website