B2B Telemarketing is not Dead: Integrated Marketing and What it Means for Your Business

In our latest blog, Rebecca in our marketing team explains the importance of an integrated marketing approach and why B2B telemarketing remains a vital component of the marketing communications process.

I went into a large out of town store recently to browse sofas, as you do. The salesperson was nice enough, until he pulled a really lame sales line on me. We thanked him and left soon after and I vowed to order the sofa online rather than in-store, as I’d taken against this poor guy. It got me thinking about the old phrase…

People buy from people

At Lightning Transformations we work on behalf of clients, and we operate as a direct extension of their business. So I’m well aware that if I am calling as a member of your team, I am often the first impression of your company your potential customers will get. If I can’t connect with those people and speak genuinely out of a desire to solve their issues, I’m on a hiding to nothing. If I sound like I’m reading a scripted line then forget it.

Let’s say you receive a phone call from a company whilst sitting at your desk one morning. During the conversation you search them online. If their website is embarrassing and unprofessional then you’re not going to be filled with confidence, are you?

Or imagine instead that you receive an email from the marketing department of a company and you decide to dig a bit on LinkedIn; you find nothing – no company page, maybe one or two employees with no photo on their profiles. I know what I’d think, that this is a small company with no idea how business works today. It wouldn’t fill me with confidence in their product or service.

I’ve heard the phrase ‘telemarketing is dead’ so often, and it’s simply not true. Think of all the forms of marketing we’ve been exposed to over the years: newspapers and magazines, radio and tv, direct mail and direct phone calls, the internet with email and social media. All these things have their place, and the temptation to dismiss old methods is strong when a shiny new kid arrives on the block.

The fact is that businesses today need a handle on all forms of marketing, of reaching out to customers, and can’t afford to allow one aspect to let the other down. This integrated approach to B2B marketing makes the absolute most of the team’s efforts and always produces the best results.

As a marketing professional, here are my recommended steps to take for the best results…

Start with

  • Thorough market research
  • Understand your target market; their needs and wants, and how they like to engage


  • A professional looking website tailored to appeal to your customers
  • Social media presence on those channels relevant to your target audience

Then add

  • Well written and engaging content which you use to interact with customers via email and social media. Gain insights into what works and who your readership is

Followed by

  • B2B Telemarketing to fine-tune that interest in your company, build rapport and set the stage for your own sales team to meet with a fully engaged prospect


I’m proud to be part of our team here at Lightning Transformations. We bring together such a wide ranging set of skills and it’s very stimulating to work on campaigns with my colleagues and see what brilliant results we consistently achieve for our clients. Each of us brings a unique set of talents to the table, and together we cover all bases. To provide all the above services in-house means that we have a very cohesive, responsive way of working together which I feel really benefits the campaigns we work on. That’s what sets us apart.

For marketing communications that your clients will love, contact us today for a free initial consultation at chat@lightningtransformations.co.uk or call 01284 332 738.