Brexit Followed by US Political Uncertainty: Where Does This Leave Your Marketing?

Despite some polls predicting a close outcome, many across the UK and overseas were stunned to see Britain vote to leave the EU on June 23rd 2016. I’ve witnessed friends in shock regardless of whether they voted to leave or remain; many of those who voted to leave doubted their wish would ever become reality, whilst many who wanted to remain believed they would have the winning edge on polling day. Regardless of their views it was clear to see that chaos descended in the immediate aftermath with resignations in abundance and subsequent clambering to fill the political vacuum left behind.

Following the summer’s events, and a new government spearheaded by pro-Brexit supporters, Article 50 has not yet been triggered. There is no concrete plan in place for how we will exit the EU, when or what exactly will happen next. A recent case brought by Gina Miller during which the court ruled that Teresa May could not trigger Article 50 without consent of parliament, has cast doubt over whether anything will change as a result of the referendum at all! Regardless of how we chose to vote on the 23rd June 2016, businesspeople are now caught in a web of uncertainty.

How do we anticipate what the likely impact of Brexit will be for the economy and our businesses? Which politicians, statistics or organisations should we believe? Maybe we will not end up leaving the EU at all? What will be the impact of these uncertain times on our companies? I could go on listing unanswered questions, but there would be no point. All we can do right now is continue at our best, being flexible and adaptable to changes as they arise.

This November extra uncertainty was added to the equation as the result of the US presidential election was announced. No matter what we make of Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton, a swerve to the right in US politics is likely to herald a significant change in government policy. Change that will affect the landscape within another of our significant trading partners with consequences that may be all too tricky to predict at this time.

We are yet to see whether the immense political changes, turmoil and economic ups and downs of 2016 will hinder or help business in the longer term. However, in the short to medium term decision making for business owners and directors can only have become more challenging, especially with regards making important sales and marketing related choices. Where, when and how to invest for the future of the business? Which locations should I choose to invest in?  Should I be cautious and hold back my plans? Should I take on more staff right now? Again, the list of questions is endless and all the harder to predict given the events of the past six months.

If you’re finding the future for your business is a little uncertain or perhaps the landscape for your sector has changed recently, we can help you. Our team will work alongside you to open doors into new markets if you see the need to re-focus. Maybe you have found that your products are suddenly more competitive overseas and want to tap into this opportunity? Our multi-lingual telemarketing services and experience of calling into the US, Scandinavia and Europe could be just the support you need. If your sitting on the fence trying to decide whether to invest in more marketing staff in-house, why take on the extra commitment at this time? We run flexible campaigns to meet your requirements as and when you need us; from short to long term contracts or ad hoc bespoke projects to suit your needs without the burden of increased overheads to support in-house. If some of these challenges strike a cord with you give us a call on 01284 332 738 and see how our flexible, proactive and positive marketing solutions can support your business during these uncertain times.