Marketing Strategy

Despite unprecedented measures to help cushion us from the health and economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the rapid onset and severity of the health crisis so far has had far reaching effects on both individuals and organisations. Not only that, but people and businesses have been impacted by the pandemic in very different ways Read more

The government has recently outlined the steps it intends to take for easing us out of lockdown whilst trying to avoid a deadly second wave of Covid-19. Some businesses that were previously closed have been cautiously re-starting their activities with social distancing measures in place. Meanwhile, the furlough scheme has been extended, but it appears Read more

The unprecedented Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has turned into one of the biggest challenges of our lifetime – all in a matter of weeks. Not only is there immense pain in the loss of human life and worry for our loved ones, but secondary to this, the impact on businesses and socio-economic factors is undoubtedly on Read more