Here Comes the Data Cleaner!

B2B telemarketing should not be a hit and miss affair. Gone are the days when telemarketing was a numbers game. Rather than hammering out calls with the hope of reaching an interested prospect, telemarketers must start by finding accurate data prior to picking up the phone. This will often result in fewer, longer, high quality conversations that engage their target prospects. Recent studies have shown that, on average, data decays by 25% each year. In general terms, some companies may cease trading, merge with similar businesses, move premises, internally restructure their departments or simply update their contact details. Adding to this the fact that many employees only stay with a company between three and five years in the UK, data is forever changing. It is likely that, even if the company details remain correct, specific contact details for decision makers will change.

Therefore, what use is a beautifully constructed email shot if the clients’ email domains have changed? How will you reach the correct people via B2B telemarketing without an accurate contact name? How will you search the right company on social media if the companies listed on your database have been taken over or closed down? These examples exemplify the importance of keeping your data up to date or at the very least, checked at the start of a marketing campaign. In so doing, you will ensure that your emails are not perceived as spam, your company maintains key business relationships with your prospect’s employees and your business does not miss out on important opportunities.

Now is the time of year to start thinking about your marketing initiatives for 2017. However, to make the most of them you need an accurate, clean prospect database! This is where Lightning Transformations can help. Through a mixture of telephone calls and online research we can efficiently clean your existing database, build in new prospects and generate hot leads as we go. Through persistence and tenacity, we nurture your marketing every step of the way, ensuring that you receive the very best return on investment during your time with us.

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