How to Keep Your Telemarketing Team at the Top of Their Game

In many cases business to business telemarketing should be seen as a long-term strategy, in order to achieve the best return on investment. It’s vital the people making your telemarketing calls are able to build relationships with your prospects over the long term. After all, it may take several calls, discussions and exchanges of information over an extended period of time, before your key prospects are ready for a meeting.

If you have an in-house team, you will need to find ways of retaining your staff and keeping them motivated. Similarly, if you decide to outsource your telemarketing, consider asking the provider about their employee turnover. It’s crucial to find a telemarketing company where staff are happy and committed to their roles. This way those carrying out your campaign build up knowledge about your company, act as an extension of your team, maintain continuity with your target prospects and become less reliant on prompts or scripts. We’d like to share with you some of our tips for keeping your telemarketing team performing at its best:

Workstation set-up – Carefully consider the layout of your office. Make sure that your telemarketers have all the tools they need to carry out their role effectively. It’s essential to relieve sources of stress and ensure your telemarketers stay positive in the face of rejection. Vital to the success of any campaign, we even run a training module devoted to getting in the right mind set for making telemarketing calls!

Agree realistic targets – When planning your telemarketing campaign, agree with your telemarketing team what outcomes you require from their activity in order to achieve the desired return on investment. Ensure your targets are communicated clearly, time bound and realistic. Use experience within your sector to determine targets which will be challenging but achievable, whilst making sure that any bonus scheme handsomely rewards success.

Provide ongoing training – Ensure your telemarketing team polishes their calling techniques through regular training and practice. Investment in training will improve the performance of your team and prevent bad habits forming. Any mistakes will be made in the training room rather than in front of your prospects on the phone.

Keep your telemarketers informed of new developments – Your telemarketers are the most outward facing people representing your organisation and the first point of contact with new prospects. If there are new product or service launches and organisational changes, keep your telemarketers briefed and fully trained, enabling them to have confident discussions with your customers and prospects.

Add variety – Within an agency environment, we often work on several campaigns during the course of a week. Although we maintain consistency for our clients delivering their campaigns week in week out, having a number of projects to work on enables telemarketers to gain experience within different industry sectors making their job more interesting and enjoyable.

Value Your Employees – Encourage team building activities and staff socials to enhance team spirit and maintain high staff morale. Friendly competitions outside the office go down a treat and make your team feel valued.

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