Managing Your Personal Presence on Social Media

It is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid links and references to social media sites during any online search. Millions of business professionals have personal accounts on sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter plus professional profiles on LinkedIn. Social media is a great way to connect yourself with friends and like-minded people internationally, as well as acting as a means to voice ideas and keep up to date with current issues. Companies have found the rise and popularity of social to be advantageous, especially as an effective marketing tool through the personal profiles of their staff and company profiles housing targeted content.

LinkedIn is perhaps the most useful social media site for companies and prospective employees. The site allows users to create their own personal profiles based on their professional employment history, letting them showcase their expertise and skillset. Having a clear and up to date LinkedIn personal profile which includes your employment history and key information about yourself, helps you stand out when employers search for potential candidates. Similarly, the site can also be used effectively by business leaders to enhance their network of business contacts and find new suppliers, advisors, customers and business partnerships. Personal profiles subtly become lead generation platforms where senior decision makers seek out the skills they require, especially where regular posting via LinkedIn pulse is used to position an individual and/or their company as a thought leader in their respective field.

Despite the obvious benefits of using social media to show off your expertise, it’s essential that any personal profiles, not directly related to your employment, also remain clean. In recent years, there have been several dismissals from a number of small and big name companies whose employees have posted inappropriate content on their social media profiles. In August 2009, a woman was sacked following a post, after commenting on how much she hated her job on Facebook, forgetting that she had recently added her boss as a friend.*1 More disturbingly, in 2015, six staff members from HSBC were dismissed after posting a mock terrorist scene on Instagram*2 These cases convey just how seriously employers take their employees’ personal social media accounts as it can ultimately damage an organisation’s reputation. Always remember to present yourself in the best light possible at all times!

In an age where we are reliant on sourcing scores of information from the internet, it’s extremely important to consciously manage our own online presence. Even celebrities such as Sir Richard Branson utilise their social media profiles to influence public perception of themselves as well as their businesses. There are distinct advantages to using social media as a means to promoting your business and personal skills, as long as it will not damage your reputation or reflect negatively on your current employment by being offensive or unfounded.

The team at Lightning Transformations is experienced with helping business leaders and owners develop and manage social media profiles. By using consistent branding, content writing and social media optimisation services, we are able to build effective and professional profiles for our clients, whilst managing their online reputation. Please contact us here for further information about how we can help you maximise the potential of your social media accounts via our social media management packages or bespoke social media marketing training.