Marketing in 2019 – Top Trends to Watch This Year

At Lightning Transformations, we are often on the ‘front line’ working as an extension of our clients’ business or marketing team, absorbing first hand feedback and market intelligence across a wide range of sectors. Here are just a few of the important trends we believe are key considerations for marketers during 2019:

1. E-Privacy Regulation – Originally due to come into force in May 2018 along with the much talked about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), this replacement for the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) was postponed and due to start during 2019. However, much lobbying and debate remains regarding the detail of this legislation, and as a result, what it means for marketers. Some suggest that it may be early 2020 before we see this legislation become a reality, but it may become a key factor in deciding how best to approach prospects in B2B and B2C markets.

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2. Brexit – Once again Brexit, love it or hate it, is a topic that needs constant review due to the huge uncertainty around the outcome of the ongoing negotiations. Prolonged uncertainty is in itself likely to provide challenges for marketers and sales teams in their short-term revenue generating strategies. Planning in the longer term can only be even more uncertain in the current climate, until it becomes clear how closely aligned we will be to the rest of Europe and what new opportunities we may have to trade with the rest of the world, if and when we leave the EU. Assuming we leave the EU, the way in which we leave is yet to be determined and could result in at least some short-term disruption, leaving businesses with plenty of hurdles to jump.

london scene3. The Continued Rise of Digital and Marketing Automation – Marketers across the industry spectrum are feeling the need to upskill for a digital age and embracing the use of digital techniques in marketing and lead generation for the companies they work for. Although we do not see digital channels and marketing automation platforms as substitutes for all other marketing activity, they can be a very powerful tool to help enhance campaign results. We advise making sure your staff are well trained in the benefits of online marketing tools and that your agency partners are digital savvy.

Digital marketing4. Content, Content and More… Content – An explosion in the need for content creation goes hand in hand with the rapid growth of online and social media marketing. Generally speaking, people tend to trust high-quality content from the brands they love much more than advertising. Hence, businesses are improving awareness and building stronger relationships with their prospects and customers through rich content. With so much content pumped out on a daily basis, it’s important to make sure what you create for your business is authentic, useful, thought-provoking and resonates with your target market.

camera for content marketing5. Outsourced Marketing – This year looks like being another uncertain year for many of us doing business in the UK. That said it is not without opportunities in a growing economy where the pace of change and technology has never moved faster. However, without knowing what might be just around the corner, we anticipate that many businesses will be keen to outsource aspects of their marketing activity to ensure they exploit opportunities without increasing their headcount too much.

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