Report Writing for Your B2B Telemarketing Campaign

Being on the front line, B2B telemarketers are the closest contact between your company and prospects in your target markets. Besides making phone calls and speaking with prospects, it is vital that telemarketers also produce comprehensive B2B telemarketing reports. Information must be concise, relevant and useful, both for the campaign and informing future marketing activity. However, to get the most from your B2B telemarketing campaign, it’s crucial that reports go beyond the most basic information concerning call statistics and handover of qualified sales appointments, leads, key contact information and call notes. Below are four key points that will make your B2B telemarketing reports invaluable.

  • Industry Trends – A skilled telemarketer should use their report to provide vital market feedback about the emerging needs and wants of prospects, plus developing industry trends within your market sector. This information can be critical when identifying and targeting new target audiences or enhancing your offering for existing clientele.
  • Customer Opinions – Feedback from previous customers about your own product or service and from prospects concerning sales proposals, should also be provided within the report. In turn, this will help your business to identify potential areas for improvement, ways to tailor future proposals to make them more effective, and ultimately opportunities to increase revenue.
  • Suggestions – If you are outsourcing to a B2B telemarketing company, they should be able to proactively make recommendations about active target markets and innovative suggestions to refine your campaign. In some instances this may include integrating other marketing techniques to enhance the effectiveness of follow up telemarketing calls. Being in direct contact with both the company they are representing and prospects, B2B telemarketers are often best placed to make recommendations they feel are necessary to benefit a campaign.
  • Data – The telemarketer should quickly realise if a set of campaign data is productive. An informed decision should be made as to whether data needs to be cleansed or revised to ensure the most appropriate prospects are approached. Quality of the data is essential in determining the productivity of leads generated and ultimately whether your targets are achieved.


At Lightning Transformations we go way beyond standard reporting. We see feedback as a two-way process. Not only do we provide honest, objective and timely feedback on your campaign, we love to hear the outcomes of our clients’ appointments too. This enables us to continually improve the qualification of appointments as well as follow-up quotations and proposals on behalf of clients when required. To find out more about our partnership approach to telemarketing, phone us on 01284 332 738 or email us at