Social Media Marketing – Agency Vs Inhouse

With more and more companies realising the potential power of social media, many are seeking to implement robust, active social media programmes. One area of long-standing debate among organisations and marketing agencies alike, regards the best way for delivery of social media marketing programmes; inhouse or by a specialist social media marketing agency. As with most things, both have their advantages. At Lightning Transformations, we strongly believe that hiring a social media marketing agency to manage at least some aspects of your social media is the best move you can make and we will explain why shortly. But first, we will explore some of the advantages for managing things in-house.

What are the Main Advantages of Managing Your Social Media Marketing In-Housesocial media marketing agency team

First and foremost no-body knows your business better than you do. Thus, everything you write on social media will contain all of those little details you want to share with your target audience. Things that someone outside of your business may not know about. There is no need to brief others on every piece of information about your organisation. Furthermore, you can decide what you want to share with your audience without seeking approval first; and so long as you have time to tune into social media regularly, you can respond to the latest online trends in real time without delay.

Advantages of Outsourcing to a Social Media Marketing Agency

In reality the majority of business owners and senior managers barely have enough time to keep on top of running their organisations and delivering their core business, without taking time out to discover what is trending on social media or the best way to engage followers day in, day out. That is where social media marketing experts such as our team at Lightning Transformations can assist in keeping your social media in tip top shape. Here are some key reasons why we believe outsourcing some or all of your social media management is the right way to go:

  • Social media training – Many people spend time on the well-known social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media marketing however, is a completely different ball game. Being a social butterfly amongst your friends and family on social media, doesn’t mean that your employees will deliver return on investment for your business. That is why at the beginning of most social media campaigns, we deliver team training about social media marketing for our clients so that everyone involved in the project understands how we can use the platforms together to deliver great results
  • Social media strategy – A social media marketing agency is likely to have experience of working with similar businesses or targeting a comparable group of prospects via social media. They can advise how best to structure your campaign and work closely with you to maximise return on investment with less time and cost needed for trial and error to reach your target market
  • Expert knowledge – The social media platforms are changing rapidly with new features, layouts and algorithms introduced all the time. If you or your team are not using social media regularly, your knowledge will quickly become outdated. Using a social media agency ensures that those working on your campaign are well versed in the latest trends and intricacies on the social media platforms you are using
  • Flexibility – Outsourcing your social media marketing allows you to increase or decrease delivery if required. This is particularly useful if your business is affected by seasonality or you do not want the commitment of employing extra staff. Plus, with a tight labour market and digital marketers in high demand, you won’t have to worry about staff retention or investing time in training only for it to be lost when your employee moves on
  • Time Saving – As a business owner or a marketing manager, it is likely that you already have a long list of tasks to do, just to keep your day to day routine or business going. To be successful on social media needs a well-refined strategy, carefully crafted content and ongoing management. Outsourcing some or all of the tasks involved frees up time for you to concentrate on your core business goals


The benefits of outsourcing to a social media marketing agency are clear to see. At Lightning Transformations our staff have been delivering campaigns on social media for many years. With an understanding of the common pitfalls, current knowledge of the big platforms, investment in technology and high-quality content creation we are well placed to maximise your return on investment. As an established marketing agency working across East Anglia, The Midlands, London and South East England, we work in partnership with clients to deliver social media training, strategy formulation, campaign management and full reporting to organisations and businesses across a broad spectrum of sectors.

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