Social Media Marketing – Why Develop a Strategy?

Our digital marketing team assists clients to create or enhance their business presence on social media. At the outset, some are unsure what they need to do or which social media platforms they should be on, whilst others have experimented with mixed results. We find many business owners have misconceptions about social media marketing, brought about in two ways:

1) Influence of family, friends or other company leaders
2) Bad professional advice

Sometimes well-meaning advice can inadvertently lead to businesses taking the wrong approach to social media. A social media campaign structure and the platforms used will vary enormously between different companies and industry sectors – what worked well for one company may not replicate well for another. And just because friends and family are addicted to social media keeping in touch with the latest news and gossip, doesn’t mean they have the knowledge or experience required to manage a successful social media marketing campaign for business. This is especially true as the world of social media rapidly evolves, with complexity, competition and new techniques increasing day by day. Meanwhile many marketing agencies, and indeed other types of business, have started to offer social media marketing management or training packages. Unfortunately, many of them have rushed into a growing market to exploit opportunities without the knowledge or proven track record to deliver successful campaigns.

Before embarking on a social media marketing exercise for your business, it’s imperative to set clear objectives as this will allow you to measure the campaign results against the desired outcomes. In turn you will be better placed to establish your return on investment. Having clear goals to work with means that it is possible to put in place a clearly defined strategy to help you achieve them. Before launching into a campaign, try to plan as much as possible, conduct thorough market and competitor research and do a thorough assessment of the social media platforms you want to invest in. If your target audience isn’t on a particular social media platform then why use it? Just because a lot of other businesses are there, doesn’t automatically mean your business should invest in it too.

Of course, not everything can be pre-planned; one of the attractions of social media is the ability to share the latest news in real time. Indeed, businesses can reap big benefits from involvement with the latest online trends. However, the spontaneity inherent in social media does not negate the need to research, plan and put together detailed strategies, so long as campaigns allow room for flexibility and responsiveness to the latest trends.

At Lightning Transformations, our knowledgeable staff and leadership team has been conducting social media marketing campaigns to support businesses for many years. Working in this area day in, day out, means we are able to respond to changes on the key platforms and continually update our knowledge and processes. We regularly review social media platforms, software and analytics software on the market to ensure our clients benefit from the latest technology, graphics and post design, content marketing trends and targeted advertising throughout their campaigns. With our expanding client list, we’ve worked across a wide range of industries and target markets gathering experience to enable us to put together social media strategies that really deliver.

Whether you require social media set-up, social media training or a fully managed social media marketing strategy, we can help. Call us today on 01284 332 738, email or click here to arrange a free no obligation initial consultation.