What to Expect From Your B2B Telemarketing Project Brief

If outsourcing your B2B telemarketing to a third party, you need to make sure that your message is delivered coherently to the right prospects and the reputation of your business is enhanced. With this in mind, you might think that a thorough meeting with you to discuss your campaign and involving all of those who will carry out the telephone calls, would be the first logical step for any telemarketing company to undertake. Surprisingly though, many telemarketing companies water down or even skip one of the most important stages in the delivery of a successful telemarketing campaign.

How many times have you been quoted a campaign with no detailed briefing procedure and set-up process? How can the telemarketers on the frontline be expected to deliver your key messages if they’ve never undertaken a detailed brief? How will the telemarketers be able to answer questions about your company or handle objections if they’ve not got a thorough understanding of what you do?

From our industry experience, we know that in many cases, an account manager simply relays a watered-down brief to a telemarketing team who has never had the chance to meet with their client. On other occasions, the client is expected to write the brief and pass it on to an account manager to interpret for the rest of the team. Worse still, the telemarketing company relies solely on obtaining information from the client’s website. At Lightning Transformations we understand the importance of a detailed brief and thorough campaign set-up process to maximise return on investment for clients and it’s why we do things differently.

If you’re considering outsourcing your B2B telemarketing or even launching a new campaign in-house, here are our must haves for the campaign briefing:

  • Give the briefing meeting a structure to enable the telemarketers to gather all of the relevant information
  • Ensure everyone involved in the campaign, including the telemarketers delivering the calls is present and able to ask questions
  • Be forthcoming with useful details and provide as much supplementary information as possible including company literature, company tour and product demonstrations
  • Recognise the brief is a working document which needs to be updated with time as the project evolves due to feedback from prospects and changing business needs
  • Create a list of actions to carry out following the brief and allocate them to members of the campaign team to be completed prior to embarking on the calls
  • Check that everyone has fully understood the brief before commencing on the rest of the campaign


At Lightning Transformations we are totally committed to delivering the very best customer service and that includes our thorough campaign briefing and proven campaign set-up developed based upon more than 50 years of combined industry experience. If your business could benefit from a highly targeted, professional telemarketing campaign give us a call today on 01284 332 738 or email chat@lightningtransformations.co.uk